How can we remember the Passwords that we put in a lot of Places?

I tell you the simple trick to remember thousands of password and you never forgot any password in your life

  • First step- find a word you will never forget in your life eg. android
  • Let’s say you want to remember a password for Gmail
  • Second step- Pick last the 3 or 4 letters of that website that you want to remember the password, in this case, the mail is the letter
  • Third step- Combine the above two words ( android+mail )

Now your new password is androidmail


So what if some website needed a combination of special symbol and letters?

  • Then follow the First step and pick 1 or 2 symbols you never forgot eg. android$$
  • And your new password is android$$+mail= android$$mail


Now you can create and remember thousands of passwords of different websites and applications.