How much does it cost to design a new Blog or small Business website ?

Basic website cost, If small blog and business website – 130$ to 150$ (8,000Rs to 10,000Rs)   

Check which basic resources needed to develop a website-

  • Domain costs 10$ to 15$ (700Rs to 1000Rs) – one year
  • Hosting costs 30$ to 50$ (2000Rs to 3000Rs) – one year
  • Basic SSL 11$ to 15$ (800Rs to 1000Rs) – one year, Free SSL available but there are some limitations
  • Developer fees from 50$ 65$ (3000Rs to 4000Rs)

Note- The above costs are minimal as well as there are more technical requirements such as different costs

  • Business email
  • SEO
  • Website to rank on Google
  • Including a payment gateway
  • Etc…

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