What is a full form of MCAPU?

Full form of MCAPU-

    • M– Maharashtra
    • C– Cyber
    • A– Anti
    • P– Phishing
    • U– Unit


What is a full form of MCDCU?

Full form of MCDCU-

    • M– Maharashtra
    • C– Cyber
    • D– Digital
    • C– Crime
    • U– Unit

The government of MAHARASHTRA established Maharashtra Cyber unit called Maharashtra Cyber Anti-Phishing Unit (MCAPU).

This unit or agency help peoples to Report online phishing and scam. They also the facility to report many other online frauds like Telcos, Banks, ISPs, Browsers, e-Wallet, Web Portal, Phone, Industry Associations, Expert Groups, Global Consortiums.

Maharashtra Cyber Unit Official website –



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