Are Crypto Currency Safe, Legal or Good for Investment?

What is Cryptocurrency?

  • Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that verifies and records transactions in a decentralized system.
  • It can also be referred to as a tradable digital asset or the digital form of money.
  • Cryptographic algorithms are used to create cryptocurrencies. Maintaining these algorithms is called mining, where specialized hardware such as application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) process and validate the transactions. The process stimulates the miners who run the network with Cryptocurrency.
  • In simple words, it is a type of digital currency that exists online. It does not have any physical form.

Types of cryptocurrencies

There are more than 1500 cryptocurrencies that are listed to date.
Here we will discuss some of the top cryptocurrencies:


  • One of the most exciting cryptos currencies of all time is bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin was created by a group of anonymous people called Santoshi Nakamoto.
  • It was invented in the year 2008. Its initial release was made on 9 January 2009. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer Electronic Cash System. It was created as a reward for the process called mining. Bitcoin works in a public ledger called blockchain- a digital system of recording transactions.
  • Blockchain is designed so that it makes it very hard for hackers to hack this system.
  • It is limited to 21 million.
  • Bitcoin mining is that the method of adding new transactions into circulation. Bitcoin miners use code that accesses their process capability to resolve transaction-related algorithms. In return, they’re awarded a precise range of bitcoin per block.


  • It was started in 2015. The company which started this currency was Input-output Hong Kong and is managed by Charles Hoskinson.
  • Its initial release was on 27 September 2017, and its stable release was on 13 May 2021.
  • It works on an operating system called cross-platform.
  • It came with a market cap of $600 million. By the end of 2017, it made a market cap of $10 million and reached $33 million.


  • After bitcoin, there is the second-largest Cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.
  • It was developed by Hyperledger, Nethermind, Ethereum, EthereumJS and OpenEthereum. Its initial release was made on 30 July 2015.
  • Its stable release was made in London on 5 August 2021.
  • It works on the cross-platform operating system. The software used by this Cryptocurrency is Bytecode.
  • It is written in Go, C++, C#, Java, Python languages.


  • Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open-source software project. Litecoin and bitcoin are somehow the same.
  • The original author of Litecoin is Charlie Lee.
  • Its initial release was made on 7 October 7 2011. Its latest release was made on 11 June 2020.
  • It is written in C++ language. Works on Linux, Windows, Android and OS x operating systems.
  • A Litecoin operator maintains copies of each blockchain to ensure no new transactions contradict the blockchain history. Miners ensure that recent transactions are enclosed in new well-mined blocks, thereby making certain that new traders don’t refuse the blockchain history. Bitcoin and Litecoin do have some important variations that require to be self-addressed. On Litecoin, transactions occur faster and contain a larger provide than Bitcoin.


  • Dogecoin is another type of Cryptocurrency created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, two software engineers.
  • Its initial release was made on 6 December 2013.
  • It works on Microsoft, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Dogecoin is the 5th largest cryptos of all time.
  • Dogecoin may be a cryptocurrency that runs on blockchain technology, equally to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Blockchain may be a distributed, secure digital ledger that stores all transactions created employing a suburbanized digital currency.
  • All holders carry a consistent copy of the Dogecoin blockchain ledger that is often updated with all new transactions within the Cryptocurrency. Like alternative cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin’s blockchain network uses cryptography to secure all transactions.

Why are Cryptocurrencies so popular?

  1. Bitcoin, the world’s most exciting Cryptocurrency, gained nearly three hundred per cent in 2020, with its price billowy past $30,000 for the primary time Sunday, up from $7,200 at the beginning of the last year.
  2. Bitcoin isn’t an associate exception. The world’s 2nd top Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, increased 465% in the year 2020, and as a result, crypto investors invested more and more funds into cryptocurrencies.
  3. These sudden gains in cryptocurrencies made many people millionaires. This is a big reason why cryptocurrencies became a topic of discussion for people.
  4. Another sensible reason why folks place religion in cryptocurrencies is that these currencies aren’t related to world governments. This suggests that cryptocurrencies have the potential to stay stable even once there’s turmoil in a specific country. Some investors see cryptocurrencies as an honest thanks to shielding their wealth, and this is often one reason why Cryptocurrency has continued to rise over the years. The potential that cryptocurrencies might be safer than some official government currencies makes them very appealing.

Are cryptocurrencies safe?

  • Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies run on blockchain technology. A blockchain can be seen as a distributed ledger technology power-driven by miners. Bitcoin’s network has AN calculable of ten to twenty times the processing power of Google’s servers, creating it among the foremost secure networks within the world.
  • To hack a blockchain, you’d have to be compelled to at the same time manage fifty-one of the miners on the network, creating security breaches nearly not possible. Yet, crypto exchanges seem to be still in danger of being hacked, and unless you store your crypto during a hardware pocketbook, you aren’t fully safe from unhealthy actors.
  • Although blockchains tend to be nearly impenetrable, Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies involve risky investments. It’s not uncommon for Bitcoin to dip 18 to 19 during a securities industry –– in 2015, Bitcoin lost 84 of its price. Within the 2018 securities industry, Bitcoin lost concerning eighty-fifth of its price. That being aforementioned, as auxiliary establishments and long-run players enter the market, the volatility will probably decrease greatly.
  • Bitcoin’s blockchain is that the most secure, followed by Ethereum. After that, it gets difficult. Security results are directly related to the power to require over fifty-one of the network, smaller networks area unit smaller targets, however inherently less secure. Crypto “security” isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Are cryptocurrencies legal?

  •  This is the most common question that comes to mind when thinking of cryptocurrencies.
  • There are some countries where there is so ban on cryptocurrencies, but in some countries like China and Egypt, it is illegal.
  • As we take the example of India, Cryptocurrencies do not have a ban in India. They never had a ban in India. The confusion arose from a couple of moves by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 2018.

Are cryptocurrencies good for investment?

  • Although a risky field of investing your funds in, Cryptocurrency can surely give extraordinary profits.
  • Cryptocurrency may be a smart investment if you wish to realize direct exposure to the demand for digital currency. In contrast, a safer means is to invest in the stock market with exposure to cryptocurrencies.
  • By historical standards, Bitcoin may be a nice investment. Bitcoin is the best activity quality of the past decade, appreciating over thirty one percentage. If you were to speculate simply $1,000 in Bitcoin 10 years past, you’d have many lots of greenbacks nowadays. However, will Bitcoin maintain this exponential growth? Doubtless. Commercialism volatile cryptocurrencies have rather more risk than ancient investments. However, the payout may be life ever-changing.