1000+ Cool and Catchy Fresh Baby Girl Names with Meanings

collection of over 1000 baby girl names with their respective meanings. The list includes a variety of names that are unique, modern, and trending, making it a great resource for parents who are looking for inspiration when choosing a name for their baby girl.

Each name on the list has a brief explanation of its meaning, making it easier for parents to choose a name that has a significant or symbolic meaning for them. The names on the list come from a variety of cultures and languages, including English, French, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, and more.

The aim of the list is to provide parents with a diverse range of options when it comes to naming their baby girl, while also making sure that the names are catchy, fresh, and modern.

A to Z Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Aaliyah“exalted” or “sublime” in Arabic
Alleah“noble” or “gracious” in Hebrew
Anaya“God answered” or “God is gracious” in Hindi
Arden“eagle valley” in Old English
Arielle“lion of God” in Hebrew
Aspena tree name that means “quaking tree”
Averie“wise” or “ruler of the people” in English
Aviana“bird” or “like a bird” in Latin
Bridget“exalted one” in Irish
Brielle“God is my strength” in French
Briella“God is my strength” in Italian
Bristol“meeting place by the bridge” in English
Brylee“respected, dignified” in English
Brynn“hill” in Welsh
Cali“most beautiful” in Greek
Calliopea muse of epic poetry in Greek mythology
Camille“young ceremonial attendant” in French
Carmen“song” in Latin
Carolina“free man” or “song of happiness” in Latin
Cecilia“blind” in Latin
Celeste“heavenly” in Latin
Chanel“pipe” or “channel” in French
Charleigh“free man” in English
Charlie“free man” in English
Colette“victorious” in French

Daphne“laurel tree” in Greek
Della“noble” or “bright” in German
Dior“golden” in French
Elaraa moon of Jupiter named after a Greek mythological figure
Elia“God is my God” or “God has answered” in Hebrew
Elsie“God is my oath” in English
Emery“brave” or “powerful” in German
Emmeline“work” or “rival” in German
Ensley“one’s own meadow” in English
Estella“star” in Spanish
Estelle“star” in French
Everleigh“from the boar meadow” in English
Fallon“superiority” or “descendant of a ruler” in Irish
Finley“fair-haired hero” in Irish

Galilea“Galilee” in Hebrew
Genevieve“woman of the people” in French
Georgina“farmer” in Greek
Giselle“pledge” or “hostage” in French
Gwendolyn“white ring” or “blessed ring” in Welsh
Harper“harpist” in English
Hattie“ruler of the household” in English
Hazela tree name that means “hazelnut”
Imogen“maiden” in Celtic
Indie“independent” in English
Isadora“gift of Isis” in Greek
Jaelyn“supplanter” in American
Jolene“pretty” or “little” in English
Journee“day” or “journey” in French
Junoa Roman goddess associated with marriage and childbirth

Kaida“little dragon” in Japanese
Kailani“sea and sky” in Hawaiian
Kali“black” or “goddess of destruction” in Hindi
Kalliopea muse of epic poetry in Greek mythology
Kamilah“perfect” in Arabic
Kamryn“crooked nose” in Scottish
Karter“driver of a cart” in English
Katalina“pure” in Greek
Kaydence“rhythm” in English
Keira“little dark one” in Irish
Kenzie“fair one” in Scottish
Khadija“early baby” or “premature baby” in Arabic
Kiana“living with grace” in Hawaiian
Kiera“little dark one” in Irish
Kierra“dark” in Irish
Kinley“fair-haired warrior” in Scottish
Kinsley“king’s meadow” in English
Kora“maiden” in Greek
Kori“maiden” in Greek
Kyrie“Lord” or “master” in Greek
Laila“night” in Arabic
Lana“light” or “attractive” in English
Lani“heavenly” in Hawaiian
Layla“night” in Arabic
Leilani“heavenly flowers” in Hawaiian
Lennon“dear one” in Irish
Lennox“elm grove” in Scottish
Leona“lioness” in Latin
Leora“my light” in Hebrew
Lilith“of the night” in Hebrew
Lina“tender” or “delicate” in Arabic
Livia“olive” in Latin
Lorelei“alluring enchantress” in German
Louisa“renowned warrior” in German
Luciana“light” or “born at daylight” in Italian
Luna“moon” in Latin

Mackenzie“son of the wise leader” in Scottish
Madeleine“of Magdala” in French
Madison“son of Maud” in English
Maeve“intoxicating” in Irish
Magdalena“of Magdala” in Spanish
Maisie“pearl” in Scottish
Maliyah“beloved” in Hebrew
Margot“pearl” in French
Mariah“bitter” in Hebrew
Marina“of the sea” in Latin
Marley“pleasant meadow” in English
Marnie“rejoice” in Hebrew
Matilda“mighty in battle” in German
Maxine“greatest” in Latin
Maya“illusion” in Sanskrit
Mckenna“son of Cionaodh” in Irish
Meadow“a field of grass or wildflowers” in English
Melina“honey” in Greek
Mercy“compassion” in English
Mia“mine” or “beloved” in Italian
Mila“gracious” in Slavic
Millie“gentle strength” in English
Mira“wonderful” or “peaceful” in Sanskrit
Miranda“admirable” in Latin
Mireya“miraculous” in Spanish
Monroe“red river mouth” in Scottish
Nadia“hope” in Russian
Nala“successful” in Swahili
Naomi“pleasantness” in Hebrew
Natalia“birthday of the Lord” in Latin
Nayeli“I love you” in Zapotec
Nova“new” in Latin
Nyla“winner” or “successful” in Arabic

Oakley“oak meadow” in English
Octavia“eighth” in Latin
Olive“olive tree” in English
Olympia“from Mount Olympus” in Greek
Opal“gemstone” in English
Ophelia“help” in Greek
Oriana“dawn” in Latin
Paisley“church” or “basilica” in Scottish
Paloma“dove” in Spanish
Paris“lover” in Greek
Parker“park keeper” in English
Patience“calm endurance” in English
Paulina“small” or “humble” in Latin
Pearl“precious gemstone” in English
Penelope“weaver” in Greek
Phoenix“mythical bird of fire” in Greek
Piper“flute player” in English
Poppy“red flower” in English
Primrose“first rose” in English
Princess“a female member of a royal family” in English
Quinn“descendant of Conn” in Irish
Raelynn“ewe” or “female sheep” and “lovely” in English
Raine“abundant blessings from above” in English
Ramona“wise protector” in Spanish
Raven“dark-haired” or “wise” in English
Rayna“queen” or “pure” in Slavic
Reese“enthusiasm” in Welsh
Regina“queen” in Latin
Remi“oarsman” in French
Remy“oarsman” in French
Renata“reborn” in Latin
Rhea“flowing stream” in Greek
Riley“courageous” in Irish
River“stream of water” in English
Robin“bright fame” in English
Romina“from Rome” in Italian
Rosalind“pretty rose” in English
Rose“flower” in English
Rowan“little red-haired one” in Irish
Ruby“precious gemstone” in English
Ruth“friend” in Hebrew
Sabrina“from the river Severn” in Celtic
Sadie“princess” in Hebrew
Sage“wise one” in English
Salem“peace” in Arabic
Salma“peaceful” in Arabic
Samara“watchtower” in Hebrew
Samantha“listener” in Aramaic
Samira“companion in evening conversation” in Arabic
Saoirse“freedom” in Irish
Sapphire“precious gemstone” in English
Sara“princess” in Hebrew
Sarah“princess” in Hebrew
Scarlett“red” in English
Selena“goddess of the moon” in Greek
Seraphina“ardent” or “fiery” in Hebrew
Serena“calm” or “peaceful” in Latin
Shayla“fairy palace” in Irish
Sienna“orange-red” in Italian
Sierra“mountain range” in Spanish
Skylar“eternal life” in Dutch
Soleil“sun” in French
Sophia“wisdom” in Greek
Soraya“princess” in Persian
Stella“star” in Latin
Stephanie“crown” in Greek
Summer“warmest season of the year” in English
Sunny“cheerful” in English
Sydney“wide meadow” in English
Sylvia“from the forest” in Latin
Tabitha“gazelle” in Aramaic
Talia“dew of heaven” in Hebrew
Taliyah“rising” in Hebrew
Tamara“date palm” in Hebrew
Tamsin“twin” in English
Tanya“fairy queen” in Russian
Tara“star” in Sanskrit
Taryn“rocky hill” in Welsh
Tatiana“fairy queen” in Russian
Tatum“cheerful bringer of joy” in English
Taya“gift” in Japanese
Teagan“little poet” in Irish
Tenley“from the ten meadow” in English
Tessa“harvester” in Greek
Thalia“to flourish” in Greek
Thea“goddess” in Greek
Thalia“to blossom” in Greek
Tianna“fairy queen” in Greek
Tiana“princess” in Slavic
Tiffany“epiphany” in Greek
Tori“bird” in Japanese
Trinity“threefold” in Latin
True“genuine” in English
Uma“bright” in Sanskrit
Valentina“strong, healthy” in Latin
Valerie“strong, healthy” in Latin
Vanessa“butterfly” in Greek
Vera“true” in Russian
Veronica“true image” in Greek
Victoria“victory” in Latin
Vienna“from Vienna” in German
Violet“purple” in English
Virginia“virgin” in Latin
Vivian“full of life” in Latin
Waverly“meadow of quivering aspens” in English
Willow“willow tree” in English
Winter“coldest season of the year” in English
Wren“small bird” in English
Ximena“hearkening” in Spanish
Xiomara“ready for battle” in Spanish
Yasmin“jasmine flower” in Persian
Yvette“yew” in French
Yvonne“yew” in French
Zara“princess” in Arabic
Zaria“princess” in Arabic
Zaylee“radiant” in English
Zelda“grey warrior” in Germanic
Zendaya“to give thanks” in Shona
Zoe“life” in Greek
Zoey“life” in Greek
Zuri“beautiful” in Swahili

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