Flipkart offers 1-year Extended Warranty for Mobile Phones

Flipkart Protect offers you extra 1-year Extended warranty for mobile phones. That means you get

1-year Manufacturers Warranty + 1-year Extended Warranty=2 year

What Flipkart Protect Not Covers?

1) Defects due to Accidental or Liquid damage
2) Attachments and accessories are not covered
3) Defects outside the supervision of Manufacturer’s warranty
4) Defects due to improper usage
5) Unauthorized modifications or services (e.g root, ROM customization)

What Flipkart Protect Covers?

1) Software Issues
2) Malfunctioning Defects
3) Manufacturing Hardware
4) Defective products, Defects, and parts

How to Buy Flipkart Protect?

  • When you buy your mobile phone select the option to purchase Extended Warranty
  • Make the payment for the Extended Warranty Plan while purchasing your mobile phone (any payment method accepted)

Note: Extended Warranty can only be purchased while buying your mobile phone. It cannot be bought after the mobile phone purchase

An additional benefit of  Flipkart Protect

  • 10 Days Repair or Refund Guarantee
  • Saving on Repair cost for 1 year
  • Easy to buy during the mobile purchase
  • Free Doorstep Pickup & Drop

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