How to Sell Insurance

There are basic steps that can make you a Pro Insurance Agent.

Develop a Bond With Your Client

When pitching your sale, your primary objective should be to understand your client’s current situation and develop a rather friendly bond than a business bond. (This was the hardest part. Once you have done it then it’s just bread & butter for you.)

Insurance Can Be Sold by Two Methods

1. Offline

It’s a very tedious method. After the client agrees to buy the insurance that you recommend, you should help your customers fill up the policy forms. Collection of premium should be made after the form is filled. Then, you need to visit the insurance office to get the policy issued. It is a long-drawn-out process as you have to physically visit the insurance office to enter the policy details which you just sold.

2. Online

A trouble-free alternative, Rather than visiting your clients and office physically, you can become a Point of Sale Person (PoSP). Many agencies allow you to sell insurance policies online from the comfort of your own home.

Tricks to Convince the Client to Buy

1. Be yourself and do not use pre-written texts to attract clients

Sales increase when you be your real self while talking to a customer. People choose to call because they want to have a detailed conversation about the insurance policy which you are selling. So answer their every query patiently.

2. Don’t just stick about selling insurance policy

While talking to a client always start by introducing yourself followed by asking Him/Her about, “How their day was ?” or in general show some concern about their daily well-being. Research has proven that using clients names during the conversation helps them to develop a trust in you which will eventually help you to sell more insurance policies.

3. Now its time to provide a detailed review of the insurance policy sold by your company

Highlight the benefits of your company’s insurance policy and the advantages of the service you provide. Create the opportunity to emphasize mentioning that your offer is better than your competitor.

4. Don’t let the conversation become a dead end

Try to have a lengthy and open conversation about details of your insurance, gladly clear your client’s doubts. Try to lead and initiate, and also direct the whole conversation.

5. Specify the good qualities and positive points of your client

It is proven that when you talk to someone about their positive character during the conversation, they will try to act appropriately with you. Don’t forget to mention to your client, “It was a pleasure doing business with you.” Or “You are one of our best clients” By this, you cheer the client to be your best customer.

6. Sell by using emotions as your power card

Researchers have shown that most of the decisions we make are rather emotional than rational. Emphasize the positive emotional effects of your insurance policy on the clients family.

7. Present yourself as a professional business representative, advisor or consultant

There is a big difference between the impression which acts like a professional who represents a company and the impression created by behaving like a typical cheap sales representative. Don’t be the sort of salesperson who narrates the script of the product catalogue and who doesn’t care about the needs of the client. Instead, be the salesperson who only thinks about how to convince the client to buy our insurance policy. Think of yourself as the master in this game of selling then set back and see the confidence do the things as your words will have more convincing power. Use your experience and knowledge to provide the best recommendation to your client with a pinch of added information. 

8. Use the upper hand you got on your client because of their Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

A good example of this is, you can add in your conversation statements like, “This is a limited time offer.” or “We have a limited number of insurance for this specific policy.” It’s one of the best tactics to engage the attention of the client over the product. Make your deal look like a potential opportunity which they should regret not purchasing your insurance policy.

9. Now wait and let your customer decide

Here’s the last bit of advice on how to convince clients to buy your insurance policy. Let’s use the potential psychology which can be used by asking your client, “Any opinions on what next?” or “What next step should we take?”. This makes us sound less like a sales personality and more like a professional business agent. These kinds of questions make the client feel a lot less under pressure so that they can make their call. A sales call has a higher chance of success when the client has options and opinions of their own rather than someone pressuring them.


The tricks mentioned above will surely help you get more customers for your insurance policy. But always don’t forget to be yourself and always remember that you are the best.