How to Check Your Employees’ Provident Fund Balance (EPF)

Find Out How Much Money You have in Your EPF Account Online

Members of the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) can now easily check their employee provident fund (EPF) balances (EPFO). According to a government notification released in November 2016, interest on dormant accounts will continue to accrue and will no longer be considered inoperative.

As of 2011, the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization had stopped paying interest on dormant accounts. However, upon the implementation of the new amendment, all dormant accounts would accrue interest at an annual rate of 8.5%. If you don’t take your money out before you turn 58, the contribution will continue until you do.

The EPF transfer process and the preference of employees to register new accounts when changing jobs were the primary causes of accounts being inactive in the past. Another major factor is a breakdown in communication between a person’s present and prior employers.

The EPFO help desk can help employees who are unable to locate the details of their previous, inactive accounts by transferring the funds in such accounts to the new, active account.

The EPF balance can be checked using one of the following Methods

Now, checking EPF becomes easy in just a few steps. However, you do not have to go out to check the balance of your EPF account. You can check your EPF account balance in four ways. Such as the Umang App, EPFO portal, SMS service, and Missed Calls. Let’s move further and learn about the easy methods of checking the EPF balance.

1. By Umang App

Workers can check their EPF balances using the Umang app on their smartphones. UMANG is referred to as the unified mobile application for new-age governance. The government released the Umang app to make it easier for citizens to access a variety of government services from one location. Using the app, you can see your EPF passbook, submit a claim, and even keep track of it.

How to Use the UMANG App On Your Mobile Phone Download

Step 1 :
The app from the Play Store and install it on your phone. Then, open the EPFO option. To begin, you’ll need to enter your phone number during a one-time registration process.

Step 2 :
Secondly, choose the Employee Centric service from four options.

Step 3 :
Lastly, after clicking on employee centric service, you will find the “view passbook” option. Therefore, two options will pop up; choose the View Passbook option. As a result, all the transactions will be displayed.

2. By EPFO Portal

The EPFO will be hosting a new website where users can access their EPF passbooks instead of the unified portal. Nonetheless, transferring money by using transactional services can still be performed using a platform.

To access your EPF passbook on the portal, you must have your Universal Account Number (UAN) attached to your account. Your EPF passbook is available for download and printing on the website. This is how you do it.

Step 1:

Go to to access your EPFO portal.

The member’s passbook can be found on the epfindia website:

Step 2:
Under “Our Services,” click on “For Employees.”

Step 3:
Under “Services,” click on “Member Passbook.”

Step 4:

After a member of the EPF account must enter his UAN number and password. Later, fill in the captcha details and you will be able to log in.

Lastly, you will be able to check your EPF balance on the EPFO portal by entering the required details.

3. By Sending a Text Message

Sending an SMS to 7738299899 will provide you with the most recent information on your contributions and EPF balance if your UAN is registered with the EPFO.

Type EPFOHO UAN ENG in the message you need to send. To begin with, “ENG” is the abbreviation for “English.” To receive the message in Marathi, simply put EPFOHO UAN MAR into the message field.

The service is offered in English (the default), Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, and Telugu languages.

4. By Giving Missed Call

● A missed call to 011-22901406 from your registered mobile phone will yield the information if you’re registered on the UAN portal. Aadhaar and your Permanent Account Number (PAN) should all be included in your UAN. In addition, you might ask your company to seed them for you. This is a free service.

● The EPFO App was once used to check EPF balances, but this feature has since been withdrawn.

● The M-Sewa app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, was previously used by EPF members to check their balances. However, as of right now, this service is no longer available.

● According to that website’s announcement, UMANG EPFO services are now accessible via the Member e-Sewa portal, according to the announcement (Unified Mobile APP for New Governance).

● You can get the UMANG APP by dialling 9718397183 from your phone’s dormant mode. You may also get the APP from the following website.


Can members of EPFO check their balance through a PAN number?

Your PAN number is important, but it cannot be used to check your EPF balance. It is mandatory to put a UAN (universal account number) number where it is required. However, make sure your UAN number and EPF are linked.

Is there any possibility that an amount credited to an EPF member could be attached to any liability?

Obviously, no! According to the provisions of section 10 of the EPF and MP Act, 1952, the provident fund will be protected against attachment by any court.

Can a member of the EPF demand to show the recovery of contributions from the employer?

Yes, you can ask the employer about showing the recovery of your contribution. PDF keeps a card on form 3-A/ECR for each member.